Why Join FLEOA
Why Join FLEOA
Welcome to the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). FLEOA is the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit professional association, exclusively representing federal law enforcement officers. FLEOA represents more than 30,000 federal law enforcement officers from over 65 different agencies. FLEOA is a charter member of the DHS Federal Law Enforcement Advisory Board, holds two seats on the Congressional Badge of Bravery Federal Board, and serves on the Executive Board of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the National Law Enforcement Steering Committee.

FLEOA, founded in 1977, is a volunteer organization. Born out of necessity by a group of concerned agents from Customs, IRS-CI, TIGTA, FBI and INS, FLEOR''s primary tenet was, and still is, legal assistance and representation.

FLEOA is the legislative voice for the federal law enforcement community. FLEOA is often called upon to testify at congressional hearings, and represent the position of federal law enforcement. In order to protect federal law enforcement officers pay and benefits, FLEOA maintains a regular presence in Washington, DC. To date, FLEOA has played a pivotal role in the passing of important legislation that impacts federal law enforcement officers, i.e., Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP), Good Samaritan Act, Badge of Bravery, FERS Sick Leave Credit, NSPS repeal, etc.

By becoming a member of FLEOA you will receive a number of great benefits:
  • Legal representation in work related matters, which includes legal advice.
  • 24 hour hotline for emergency situations such as arrests, shootings, and such serious incidences.
  • Member discounts on services such as liability insurance, homeowners and automobile insurance, and education.
  • Other benefits from the FLEOA Foundation such as scholarships, line of duty death and emergency situations.
  • Contact with Agency Managers including meetings with Agency Directors, seeking improved working conditions, and availability of Agency Presidents for representation in matters unique to an Agency.
  • Legislative voice in DC and with Congress to protect your benefits.
  • Membership in your local chapter which provides networking and social contacts as well as benefits local to your area.
Membership Categories
Regular Member
$175.00 – must be a full time law enforcement officer of the United States government with arrest authority, criminal investigator responsibilities, and LEO Retirement OR a uniformed federal officer OR Coast Guard LEO.
CSO/TFO Member
$78.00 – must be a Court Security Officer or Deputized Task Force Officer with arrest authority.
Military Uniformed Law Enforcement
$78.00 - must be a military police officer or of similar position within the United States Military.
Retired Member
$60.00 – must have retired as a federal law enforcement officer of the US government.
Academy Member
$80.00 – must be currently enrolled in an accredited federal law enforcement academy and pay half price for regular membership.
Resigned Member
$65.00 – must have served as a federal law enforcement officer of the United States with at least three years honorable service.
Associate Member
$65.00 – available to a person who does not fall under any of the above five categories, but supports the FLEOA mission and federal law enforcement. (Must be nominated by a Regular member in good standing.)