FERS Retirement Planning
FERSGUIDE for Federal Agents
Dan Jamison

The 2020 FERSGUIDE is a comprehensive guide to FERS, the TSP and Social Security for law enforcement officers. FERSGUIDE subscriptions may be purchased at www.fersguide.com by clicking the JOIN OR RENEW NOW button on the home page. The cost is $20, which includes website access through 11/30/2020. The FERSGUIDE checks in at over 160 pages and is now viewed in a secure PDF viewer on the website. For those of you that wish to have a printed copy, the 2020 FERSGUIDE book is available on Amazon.

The FERSGUIDE website also contains additional resources such as Chris Barfield, CPA's, papers and a comprehensive retirement calculator. Subscribers also receive a monthly email newsletter regarding matters related to federal benefits.

Dan Jamison has authored the FERSGUIDE for over 20 years and is a retired FBI Agent, FLEOA member and a CPA.