Letter to FLEOA members on Retirement Delay

April 8, 2021 
Dear FLEOA members,
Recently, FLEOA became aware of another apparent delay in the OPM processing of retirement submissions. This delay has been experienced in the past and once again causes concern among FLEOA’s members. FLEOA contacted OPM who relayed the following information. 
On background, the retirement process in the federal government is actually a three-step process. Once an agency completes the retirement paperwork for a retiree, that paperwork then goes to the payroll-processing center, which, for both DHS and DOJ, is the National Finance Center (NFC). The NFC services most of the federal law enforcement officers in the federal government. Once there, NFC has to out-process an employee from active federal service and create a transfer to OPM for retirement benefits. That transfer notification is what activates the OPM process, including the interim retirement payment.  
Due to the pandemic, NFC’s office in Louisiana had been closed for several months under the lockdown of federal facilities. During that timeframe, limited retirement processing occurred including the notifications to OPM.  Since re-opening, the NFC has been playing catch up with retirement processing. Recently, the NFC has sent 2,500 retirement requests to OPM for processing, most of which are dated from around the March 18, 2021 timeframe. 
As NFC continues to play catch up, OPM assured us that they will act swiftly on each and every retirement request they receive. We have also been told that if any member has experienced an inordinate payment lag time of more than six months from filing for retirement or has an extraneous situation (death of a retiree, etc.), OPM will address rapidly address it. 
If you have any questions, please contact us at  

Larry Cosme 
National President
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association