FLEOA Strongly Endorses the JUSTICE Act

February 26, 2021

The Honorable Pete Stauber
United States House of Representatives
461 Canon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Representative Stauber,


We write to you today to express our strong support for the reintroduction of the Just andUnifying Solutions to Invigorate Communities Everywhere (JUSTICE) Act, which would help ensure all American’s rights are better protected by professionalizing law enforcement with support for new training and techniques and penalizing unprofessional conduct that does not meet the sacred obligations law enforcement officers are entrusted with.

Our organization and the almost 30,000 members o we represent, are from each of the 65federal law enforcement agencies. There is no room in the professional ranks of law enforcement for conduct that does not reach the high ethical bar that law enforcement subscribes to. But to reach that bar, support is necessary as law enforcement agencies across our nation face cuts to funding, reductions in training, attacks on their proven policing methods, and a general thwarting of the rule of law. This combination does nothing to keepAmerica or Americans safe and only continues to undermine what all law abiding citizens want: a safe and free nation where equal justice under the law is not mired in hateful anti law enforcement politics or ideologies.

As your legislation highlights, training and better policies, including support for qualified immunity, are paramount to creating a better and more professional law enforcement officer. Too many agencies and officers lack the proper training, equipment, guidance ands upport to properly perform the sacred mission they are entrusted with. These agencies are often overworked, undermanned and under-resourced which is a dangerous trifecta that diminishes the law enforcement profession and can impact the conduct of officers inAmerica. This legislation takes positive steps to address those deficiencies while establishing accountability measures for officers and departments that fail to uphold their oath.

We also appreciate that the legislation includes a data driven component that seeks to gather much needed and missing information, including on violent assaults on officers, to better understand what law enforcement faces and the issues affecting underserved communities in America. It is our view it is only with facts, not rhetoric, that can we realistically define and address the lingering societal issues that have long impacted community relationships with law enforcement and better the law enforcement profession.

It is a fact that with the community at its side, law enforcement is more effective and we need all communities and law enforcement working together to make America better.

National President
Larry Cosme


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