Reintroduction of First Responder Fair RETIRE Act

FLEOA Supports Reintroduction of First Responder Fair RETIRE Act



January 27, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Larry Cosme, National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), issued the following statement supporting the reintroduction of the First Responder Fair Return for Employees on Their Initial Retirement Earned (First Responder Fair RETIRE) Act:


"For far too long, federal law enforcement officers who are permanently disabled by a line of duty injury have been penalized by the very retirement system that ought to recognize their heroic sacrifice and service. The current federal retirement system penalizes law enforcement officers for injuries sustained on the job. Rather than supporting officers for heroically risking their lives for public safety, our system undermines their sacrifice. That is why this legislation is so important” said President Larry Cosme. "At a time when we are faced with the greatest threats to officer safety and health, the ‘First Responder Fair RETIRE Act’ is critical to preserving and protecting the financial security of those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe. We greatly appreciate Rep. Connolly and Senator Tester’s continued leadership on this important legislation.”

"It is both bad policy and morally wrong to add another injury to a federal law enforcement officer who has already given so much when despite a disabling injury. When these officers attempt to return to work in the federal government in a non-law enforcement position, their law enforcement pension is often thrown out,” said Cosme. "We have worked with Senator Tester and Representative Connolly’s offices for a few years now to introduce legislation that would correct this egregious injustice.”

"The First Responder FAIR Act would keep federal law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty in their same pension system and allow them to continue to accumulate law enforcement credited time no matter what role they return to in the federal work force. This reform is what these officers deserve and we appreciate both Senator Tester and Representative Connolly for addressing this critical disability issue. We look forward to seeing this bill quickly passed into law,” Cosme concluded.


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