Senate Introduction of the Protect and Serve Act

FLEOA Supports the Senate Introduction of the Protect and Serve Act

Honorable Thom Tillis

United States Senate

113 Dirksen Senate Office Building 

Washington, DC 20510 

Dear Senator Tillis,

The recent spate of attacks against law enforcement officers has been violent and deadly. Across our nation, we’ve seen protests for social justice co-opted by violent riots and destruction. We’ve seen coordinated groups of individuals attack law enforcement officers who in many instances are simply in place to protect the protesters. Arguably the most heinous of this violence has been the brazen targeting of law enforcement officers for assassination, which have in large part been met with ambivalence by many sectors of society. This is why we strongly support the introduction of the Protect and Serve Act.

As of this date, 100 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. Thirty-seven have been killed in firearms-related incidents, 35 were killed in traffic-related incidents, and 28 died due to other causes such as job-related illnesses. Thousand have been victimized by violent assaults in every case, these officers deserve justice and in many cases, the federal courts could be the best place for that justice.

The Protect and Serve Act would simply allow federal prosecutors the opportunity to prosecute those violent criminals who target and attack any law enforcement officer in the nation. This would backstop many local prosecutors and jurisdictions that either won’t or can’t prosecute these violent criminals. It also addresses the question about how truly dangerous these violent criminals are and that the federal government sees this violence as an attack against justice itself and can use the full weight of the federal government to bring these criminals to justice.

In 2018, we supported and saw the passage of the Protect and Serve Act in the House of Representatives by a vote of 382-35, with the support of 220 Republicans and 162 Democrats. This common-sense legislation clearly has bipartisan and strong support.

As the nation’s largest non-partisan and non-profit association representing almost 29,000 federal law enforcement officers from across all 65 federal agencies, we see this legislation as critical to the rule of law. As an association representing law enforcement officers we clearly see the officers safety issues our member face everyday working in this current environment. We need to address these attacks immediately or the lack of action will only serve to embolden these violent criminals.

FLEOA appreciates your leadership with this legislation and looks forward to working with you on its rapid passage. If we can be of any additional assistance, feel free to contact us at

Larry Cosme
National President
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association

Cc: Senate Judiciary members