June 18, 2020 Message to FLEOA Members

June 18, 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

Over the last few weeks, the law enforcement community has been challenged by the public, lawmakers, and advocacy groups to reassess police tactics to ensure public trust is maintained. Public trust in law enforcement has been diminished and we recognize the imperative of being held accountable for all misconduct. While we maintain that the overwhelming number of law enforcement officers work tirelessly to protect our communities, we embrace the need for certain reforms. This includes supporting zero tolerance for racist driven policing.

As the premiere national organization representing federal law enforcement officers, FLEOA has been approached by members of the news media to comment on current law enforcement issues. In particular, the news media requested FLEOA’s perspective on the recent Executive Order on police reforms.

When approached by members of the news media, FLEOA is guided by our core principles in determining how to engage on issues. Those principles are:
  • Ensuring federal law enforcement officers have the resources to do their job,
  • Ensuring federal law enforcement officers are compensated properly for their work,
  • Protecting our members and their rights from unwarranted attacks,
  • Supporting policies that help create a safer nation, and
  • Supporting a positive perception of law enforcement.
FLEOA is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse any politician for any office. Rather, when approached by the news media and lawmakers, we speak on policies and practices that impact law enforcement and relate to the core principles above. At times, reporters may request reactions from FLEOA regarding statements made by politicians that indicate possible policy proposals. FLEOA representatives may address the issue discussed as they impact our core principles, but statements should not be construed as endorsing or critiquing the individual. We recognize and respect that FLEOA is comprised of members with diverse political views, and we work to maintain a non-partisan stance on relevant issues.

To that end, FLEOA has been vocal in opposing policy proposals which would negatively impact our members' ability to do their job and protect our nation. We have also been vocal in supporting policy proposals which would improve law enforcement’s ability to engage with and protect the public.

Here is an overview of some of FLEOA’s news media engagement over the past few weeks: 
As law enforcement continues to be thrust into the attention of the mainstream media, FLEOA will continue to defend our members' rights and law enforcement’s ability to protect our nation. To keep up with FLEOA’s media engagements, we encourage you to follow FLEOA on Twitter at @FLEOAorg.

Ensuring our members are represented is a critical component of FLEOA’s proud motto "Don’t Go It Alone.” We will continue to engage with members of the news media, lawmakers, and other members of the law enforcement community to ensure you have the resources needed to carry out your important work. Stay safe.


Larry Cosme
National President
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association