FLEOA Applauds Success of SW Border Strategy

FLEOA Applauds Success of Southwest Border Strategy 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          December 10, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – Larry Cosme, National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), today issued the following statement regarding Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reports of illegal border crossings dropping for the sixth consecutive month. 

 "Our nation’s Southwest border strategy continues to thwart illegal entries into the United States,” Cosme said. "FLEOA applauds the efforts of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the many other government agencies that have worked to better secure our Southwest border. It is a testament to these officer’s commitment to national security that border crossings continue to decline.”

"The ‘whole of government’ approach orchestrated by DHS is to be commended. The federal agents at the border were given an overwhelming mission and through perseverance and dedication have turned the tide,” Cosme continued. "It is undeniable that the crisis at the border continues, but every day more immigrants are realizing that the illegal pathway to entry is not an option and our country is safer as a result.” 

Cosme concluded, "If one thing remains evident, it is that our officers never waver in their commitment to border security. We urge Congress to heed this call and pass appropriations legislation which ensures our officers have the necessary resources to continue this fight. We also encourage Congress to focus on long term solutions to the immigration crisis. Congressional action is necessary to ensure the safety and security of our agents on the Southwest border and across the country dealing with the impacts of illegal immigration. Federal agents are doing their part; Congress must do their part as well.”

FLEOA is the nation’s largest non-partisan, not-for-profit professional association representing more than 27,000 federal law enforcement officers and agents across 65 federal agencies.