LEOSA Reform Act Update

LEOSA Reform Act Update, Press Conference Video, & a New Coalition Member
Hello Everyone,
Today was a very busy and successful day for our coalition!  Here's the update of what happened.  
First, the LEOSA Reform Act was formally introduced by Congressman Bacon today, and it has been designated H.R. 1156 in the 116th Session of Congress.
Congressman Bacon held a press conference this afternoon to announce the introduction of H.R. 1156.  He was joined by several of our coalition organizations' Executive Directors:  Nancy Savage, Executive Director of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI (SFSAFBI); Patrick O'Carroll, Executive Director of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA); and Bill Johnson, Executive Director of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO).  Thank you to Nancy, Pat and Bill for representing us!  Also speaking at the press conference were the bill's cosponsors, Reps. John Rutherford and Pete Stauber.
Here's a link to a Youtube video of the Press Conference:
Our coalition also added a new member today!  Please join me in welcoming the San Jose Police Officers’ Association!  We now have two California police associations in our coalition and a total of 14 professional law enforcement organizations supporting the LEOSA Reform Act.  The current list of coalition members follows.
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI (SFSAFBI) 
  • Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA)
  • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
  • National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO)
  • National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)
  • FBI Agents Association (FBIAA)
  • Sergeants Benevolent Association - NYPD (SBA - NYPD) 
  • Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service (AFAUSSA)
  • National Sheriffs Association (NSA)  
  • Port Authority Retired Police Association of New York and New Jersey (PARPA - NY & NJ)
  • San Francisco Veteran Police Officers Association (SFVPOA) 
  • ATF Association (ATFA)
  • FBI National Academy Associates (FBINAA)
  • San Jose Police Officers’ Association (SJPOA)

Thank you to all for the fantastic efforts that have gotten us to where we are today!  While we have accomplished a lot, we also have a lot of hard work ahead to continue to garner Congressional cosponsors, move the bill out of committee and add additional law enforcement organizations to our coalition.
Warmest regards,  

Weysan Dun

Board of Directors - Trustees of the Former FBI Agents Foundation, Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI;

Commissioner - Nebraska Crime Commission