Letter to USAA-Low Interest Loans During Shutdown

Mr. Stuart Parker
Chief Executive Officer
USAA Insurance Company
10750 McDermott Parkway
San Antonio, Texas

Dear Mr. Parker

I am the President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). We represent almost 27,000 federal officers and agents in 65 federal agencies. Many of our members are also members of USAA. It has been brought to my attention that USAA Federal Savings Bank is offering low interest loans to federal employees of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to replace their lost wages while without pay during the government shutdown. While I applaud your generous offer to assist employees experiencing hardship, I urge you to expand this program to your law enforcement members who are also protecting the country without pay.

Since they are law enforcement officers, many of our members have been designated as essential government employees and are currently working in dangerous, protective roles without pay. Other members, who were designated non-essential, have been furloughed without pay. Regardless of their status, these men and women tend to reside in high cost urban areas and are experiencing financial difficulties. There should be no concern of repayment by unpaid federal employees during the shutdown. Especially considering Congress has already passed legislation that will authorize the repayment of wages lost during the shutdown.

Mr. Parker, I implore you to reconsider your position on these low interest loans. By expanding eligibility to our law enforcement members, you will ensure that their safety will not be jeopardized by being otherwise distracted with worry about their financial obligations. Our law enforcement officers are either veterans or members of law enforcement agencies that you have invited to become USAA members. You have my assurance that you will not regret this decision and that our members will show their appreciation through continued loyalty to your company.


Nathan R. Catura
National President
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association

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