TSA Policy On Knife Carry Dangerous and Ill-Advis

FLEOA Calls TSA Policy On Knife Carry Dangerous and Ill-Advised

March 6, 2013

FLEOA Calls TSA Policy On Knife Carry Dangerous and Ill‐Advised

Washington, DC ‐ Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) expressed its strong objection to TSA's new policy permitting certain knives to be carried aboard commercial aircraft.

After learning of TSA's released policy change, FLEOA President Jon Adler stated, "In light of the staff and resource constraints placed on us by the sequester, why would TSA choose to elevate the risk of Americans getting injured at 30,000 feet? If the TSA policy makers were engaged in close quarter combat with a psycho wielding a 2 inch blade at 30,000 feet, they might reconsider the foolishness of their decision."

In response to questions regarding the safety logic of allowing golf clubs as carry‐on items, TSA spokesman David Castelveter stated, "These are popular items we see regularly. They don't present a risk to transportation security." FLEOA respectfully disagrees with that assessment, and can call on a variety of tactical experts to illustrate why.

FLEOA referenced the recent fatal brutal attack on fallen hero Eric Williams (BOP Correctional Officer) to illustrate the hazardous ramifications of TSA's knife policy. Officer Williams was savagely attacked at close range by an inmate who stabbed him repeatedly in the neck with a plastic edged weapon. TSA's policy would expose FAMS, law enforcement officers flying armed, airline crew and all passengers to a similar set of potentially fatal circumstances.

"There is no justifiable reason for implementing this policy, and it only serves to place law enforcement officers and flying Americans at greater risk," added Adler.

FLEOA plans to engage law makers to address this ill‐advised decision by TSA.