FLEOA Commends the Unified LE Response

FLEOA Applauds The Coordinated Law Enforcement Response During The Pursuit And Capture Of The Second Terrorist Suspect

April 20, 2013 - Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) praised the combined efforts of local, state and federal law enforcement components in capturing the second Boston Marathon terrorist suspect. After receiving a lead on the possible hiding location of the second suspect, law enforcement officers converged on the location and performed heroically while engaging and ultimately taking the target into custody. FLEOA commends the tactical excellence exuded by the FBI HRT Silver Team, the tireless dedication demonstrated by the participating FBI and ATF Special Agents, as well as all federal components.

"I am proud of the honor and heroism exuded by the entire law enforcement team that apprehended the second terror suspect," stated FLEOA National President Jon Adler. "They embraced great risk without pause, and ensured that this despicable individual will never have a chance to murder in cowardly fashion again," added Adler.

Since the sequester, FLEOA has been fighting to protect the funding for federal law enforcement components and COPS funding. This combined law enforcement effort illustrates how essential sustained funding for law enforcement components is. "It is hypocritical for any elected official to praise our law enforcement heroes, yet remain silent as they are furloughed. Our law enforcement heroes performed with honor and should not be disposed of as a "non-defense discretionary" expendable expense in the federal budget," stated Adler.

FLEOA's thoughts and prayers go out to the family of fallen hero, Police Officer Sean Collier, as well as those injured during the pursuit of the terrorists. FLEOA is confident that the ongoing well-coordinated investigative efforts of all law enforcement components will ensure all co-conspirators will be brought to justice.