FLEOA Continues Fighting For Your Pay and Benefit

FLEOA Continues Fighting for Your Pay and Benefits

Cynics say that Congress' best service to the American people is when they recess. Surely, FLEOA supports Congress taking an extended break when it comes to recent proposals to trim the budget, to slash pay supplements, to increase individual contributions, and to otherwise trim federal employees’ retirement plans! Since the proposal to reduce the budget on the backs of federal employees, FLEOA's legislative team has been busy informing members of Congress that recruitment and retention of our law enforcement officers is jeopardized by these reckless proposals. In addition, our Board of Directors and support staff have been utilizing our website, 1811 magazine, and direct messages to members to keep all of you updated on issues of pay and benefits. When we entered into federal law enforcement, we entered into a contract with our government under which we would loyally protect and defend the Constitution and our citizens -- ultimately with our lives. Therefore, we do not take lightly your concerns. I read each of your messages about re-thinking or accelerating your retirements in anticipation of perceived cuts to future benefits. In several weeks, the FLEOA Conference will convene in St. Charles, Missouri. We will strategize with our legal and legislative teams, our Board, Agency Presidents and Regional Presidents on how to counter these attacks on our livelihoods. Hopefully, the following explanation of the unlikely outcome of these reckless proposals will provide you with some well-deserved sleep.


It is important to understand that, in and of itself, the end of the fiscal yearon 9/30/2017 will have no bearing on you or your colleagues’ ability to receive the annuity supplement when you retire. To be clear, even if the budget resolution is adopted, it will not end the FERS annuity supplement. While it is true that both the President and the House Budget Committee have recommended many changes to FERS (including ending the FERS supplement), the FY2018 budget resolution itself does not make any changes to FERS. It only lays out topline spending levels for FY 2018, and recommends that, in order to balance the budget, certain congressional committees pass legislation to cut federal spending.This includes the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (HOGR), which has jurisdiction over Title 5 and FERS.In order for the FERS supplement to be eliminated, HOGR and both the full House and Senate would have to pass standalone legislation (beyond just approving a budget resolution). FLEOA has, in the past, successfully fought off similar attempts to cut federal LEO pay and benefits. We will continue our fight for FY2018.

When Congress returns in September, I will keep you informed of any developments that will affect pay and benefits in a bi-weekly message similar to this one. This is our highest legislative priority. It is important to all of us and we will keep it in the forefront of our collective concerns. I want every one of our members to be able to honestly respond that FLEOA is doing everything possible to protect your pay, benefits and retirement.


Nate Catura

FLEOA National President