FLEOA Responds - Protecting Pay and Privacy

FLEOA Responds to Congress On Protecting Our Pay and Privacy



This has been a challenging time for government employees. FLEOA has been in the forefront fighting to keep law enforcement officer's hard earned pay, benefits and personal information intact.


Many of you saw and brought to our attention the Government Executive article reporting that the House of Representatives Budget committee released proposed budget savings of $32B by increasing contributions to annuities and ending the retirement annuity supplement. Although the legislation does not specify the amount of contributions or which employeesupplementals would be eliminated, it is apparent that law enforcement will be effected. I immediately responded to Chairman Gowdy and Ranking Member Cummings voicing the concerns of our members, like USCP Special Agents Bailey and Griner, who put their lives on the line protecting members of Congress and the public. I expressed that our pensions were valuable recruitment and retention tools that attracted and retained the highest quality employees. I alsoexplained how the supplement was needed to remedy the loss in retirement benefits caused by mandatory retirement. I asked that in their deliberationsthat they ensure that our pay and benefits are protected and that our pension system is retained.

Another legislative issue of concern is a bill introduced by Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL) that would expose our retirement information to the public. On July 12, 2017, Representative DeSantis introduced H.R. 3200 "Taxpayer Funded Pension Disclosure Act." This bill would make available under the Freedom of Information Act the pension records of annuitants. This would include: agency, division, position, location, date of appointment, monthly annuity, grade, annuity contributions, total wages, credits, and retirement date. Iresponded with our opposition to releasing this information about law enforcement officers. Specifically, that the release of this information would not only jeopardize the safety of our members and their families, but could compromise prosecutions and confidential task force operations. In conclusion, I likened this type of release as being as detrimental as the OPM data compromise by a foreign intelligence service.


In conclusion, I want to assure you that we are taking every opportunity to oppose these and any other bills that woulddetrimentally effect your pay and benefits. We areimmediately responding to their introduction in letters to the Committees and Members, and follow up with meetings with their respective staffs by our legislative team.

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