Petition Convert all Federal Police Officers

Petition Convert all Federal Police Officers Classified as GS-0083 to LEO status

FLEOA has been advocating for the proper Law Enforcement Retirement for all Federal Police including the VA Police and US Postal Police for many years. Every day, Federal Police Officers risk their lives to defend the US Constitution, guard our borders and ports of entry, thwart acts for terror domestic and abroad, protect our elected officials and safeguard our financial and economic infrastructure. Many pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Federal Police Officers sacrifice higher paying private sector corporate careers to serve this great nation. While the value of the dollar continues to decease, these professionals continue to struggle to provide a standard of living commensurate to corporate jobs. Innovation in business interests continue to flourish in our free market society while needful Government agencies fail to attract the talented workforce necessary to combat the security challenges, anti-police sentiment, web-based viral videos of police shootings and the enforcement of the rule of law to ensure safety. We desperately need our government to provide a quality law enforcement retirement for our Federal Police.

This petition would support the conversion of all Police Officers classified as 0083 to be eligible for 6C retirement. The previous administration and the previous congress introduced legislation but it never made it out of committee. Air traffic controllers and BOP prison employees such as cooks have received LEO status but their duties are not law enforcement. OPM will not amend the definition of Law Enforcement Officer to include 0083 Police Officers. Congress and the previous administration refused to act on bills introduced in both house of congress. Therefore, I strongly urge President Trump to consider this petition because it is a matter of national security. Granting these Federal Police Officers the LEO status will save taxpayers money.

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Needs 99,919 signatures by February 22, 2017 to get a response from the White House

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Committee on Government & Regulatory Reform

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Respectfully Submitted,

Dominick L. Stokes

Vice President for Legislative Affairs

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association