Opposition to H.R. 2711 and H.R. 1541

FLEOA Expresses Strong Opposition to H.R. 2711, the "Citizen Empowerment Act,” and H.R. 1541, the "Common Sense in Compensation Act." - 7/29/13

FLEOA Urges Congress to Oppose H.R. 2711, H.R. 1541

Washington, DC ‐ Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) expressed its strong opposition to H.R. 2711, the "Citizen Empowerment Act," and H.R. 1541, the "Common Sense in Compensation Act."

After learning of the proposed legislation, FLEOA Legislative Vice President Frank Terreri stated, "The chilling effects that these proposed bills would have on the ability of Federal Law Enforcement Officers to perform their duties is immeasurable.  Certain members of Congress claim these bills are designed to protect Americans from government abuses. It is unfortunate that they fail to recognize that federal law enforcement officers are proud Americans who accept great risk to keep the citizenry safe. At the end of the day, the lawmakers will have to answer to the American public and explain why they didn't do everything possible to support Federal Law Enforcement and help protect our citizens from deadly terrorist attacks and other forms of criminal violence."

H.R. 2711, as originally written, contained general exceptions for situations where classified information, public safety or an on‐going law enforcement investigation would be at risk. This language was necessary to ensure that federal law enforcement officers and the critical work they perform are not adversely impacted by this bill.  Unfortunately, this provision and America's safety were recklessly stripped from the bill.

H.R. 1541 seeks to punish Federal Law Enforcement Officers, beyond already implemented furloughs, by freezing earned step increases for the remainder of this year, and fiscal 2014.  Considering the billions of dollars federal law enforcement officersbring in via forfeitures, recoveries and fines, it is entirely unacceptable to freeze their earned step increases.

"There is no justifiable reason for proposing this legislation, and it only serves to place federal law enforcement officers under greater economic distress," added Terreri.