Legislative Update Summer 2016

FLEOA Endorses the Thin Blue Line Act of 2016 (H.R. 814/ S.2034)

In our day and age, many people have no respect for the law. People seem to have less respect for the sworn officers and agents who have dedicated their lives to uphold and enforce the law. Recently, law enforcement personnel have been targeted, assaulted and several have even been killed simply for the fact that they are wearing the blue uniform. The Thin Blue Line Act amends the federal criminal code to make the killing or attempted killing of a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or other first responder an aggravating factor in death penalty determinations. During National Police week, I had the honor of participating in the Thin Blue Line Act Press Conference in front of the US Capitol Building with the bill’s sponsor Congressman David Jolly (R-FL) and Co-Sponsor Richard Nugent (R-FL). The bill currently has 49 co-sponsors. FLEOA endorses and supports our brothers in BLUE. FLEOA endorses the Thin Blue Line Act of 2016.


Attachment: Edorses Thin Blue Line Act for Jolly

Attachment: FLEOA Letter of Support - Thin Blue Line


FLEOA Endorses the Honoring Hometown Heroes Act of 2016 (H.R. 2386)

Every day, our first responders put their lives and livelihood on the line for the greater good. In lieu of recent attacks against our faithful fellow Police and Local Law Enforcement, FLEOA endorses the Honoring Hometown Heroes Act of 2016. FLEOA gravely condemns any and all attacks against Police. Any ambush of an agent or officer of the law is pure evil and should punished to full extent of the law. The Honoring Hometown Heroes Act amends the Flag Code to permit the Governor of a state or territory (or the mayor of the District of Columbia) to order the American flag to be lowered to half-staff in the tragic event that a first responder from that jurisdiction dies while serving in the line of duty. Firefighters, police officers, and other first responders who put their lives on the line to protect their communities deserve the simple, but meaningful, honor of having the flag flown at half-staff should they have to make the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the line of duty.

Attachment: FLEOA Endorses H.R. 2386


FLEOA Endorses the Interstate Sextortation Act of 2016

FLEOA members are tasked with investigating sex trafficking, rape, childhood sexual abuse, child pornography and other exploitation crimes. We can attest first hand to the particularly heinous nature of those cases, the difficulty in organizing and reviewing the evidence, locating and arresting the perpetrators and interviewing the victims. FLEOA recognizes that sextortion is a type of online sexual exploitation in which threats are used to coerce victims to engage in sexual activity against their will. Perpetrators often threaten to expose private or sensitive material unless victims produce sexual imagery, engage in sexual activity, or pay money. With the increase in social networking trends and interactive mobile device applications, sextortion is among the fastest growing threat to children. In the interest of public safety and justice, FLEOA endorses the Interstate Sextortation Act of 2016.

Attachment: FLEOA Endorses Interstate Sextortion Prevention Act of 2016


In honor and service,

Dominick L. Stokes

Vice President for Legislative Affairs