FLEOA Letter to W M - No CBP User Fees

October 19,2015

The Honorable Paul Ryan
Committee on WaysandMeans
1102 Longworth HOB
Washington, D20515
The Honorable Sander Levin
Ranking Member
Committee on WaysandMeans
1106 Longworth HO
Washington,DC 20515


Dear Chairman Ryan and Ranking Member Levin:

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) is the largest non-partisan, non-profit association representing federal law enforcement officers from across the federal spectrum including within U.S.Customs and Border Protection (CBP). At a time when security of our borders is a top issue andwe are dealing with a wave of alleged refugees from the MiddleEast,the Senateprovision withinH.R. 22 the Senate-approved Highway bill that strips $400Million from CBP is dangerous.

The$400 million being diverted comes from user fees and is meant to ensure our CBP officers have a non-governmental funding stream to support their mission. Cutting these funds would severely underminetheCBP mission of Protecting the Homeland and Securing our Borders to potential threats to our National Security.

CBP collects these user fees by statue in order to recover certain costs incurred for maintaining Border Security at all ports of entry; Air, Land, Sea, and Rail Carriers. The fees provide CBP additional funds to hire and train its officers to ensure they are properly staffed and have an expertise with interdicting individuals traveling to the United States that may pose a national security threat, conducting fraud or smuggling drugs or terrorists.

Stripping these funds would further undermine CBP staffing levels which are already inadequate throughout the United States. Our nation needsto ensure our border security is a toppriority in order to protectthe citizens of this great country. They deserve nothing less.

As the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Ways and Means Committee we would ask you to hold the line on border security funding and not allow these funds to be used elsewhere. FLEOA urges you to reject any diversion of the $400 Million from CBP and to choose American security over pothole repair.


Respectfully yours,

Larry J.Cosme

FLEOA Executive Vice President