FLEOA's Legislative Priorities

FLEOA's Legislative Priorities for the 114th Congressional Session‎:

Support all legislative efforts to protect and defend our pay and benefits. Oppose any legislation that seeks to increase the amount federal law enforcement officers pay into our pension; oppose a change in the annuity from a high 3 to high 5 calculation; oppose the elimination of the Special Retirement Supplement. We will resume our pre-sequester posture in advocating for a "carve-out" for federal law enforcement from these changes;

The FLEOA initiated bill, H.R. 2137 (Federal Law Enforcement Self Defense and Protection Act), introduced by Rep. Collins continues to gain momentum. It's Senate companion bill, S. 1162, introduced by Senator Toomey, is also progressing. We anticipate the bill being placed on the House suspension calendar and voted on favorably when the Congress returns from its Summer recess.

Support Representative King's H.R. 1702, LEO Fair Retirement Act, which was a proposal put forth by FLEOA. The bill will allow will for a recapture of "max-out" salary earned (LEAP and AUO) and credited towards an employee's high three annuity calculation;

Support Representative King's H.R. 2254, Law Enforcement Equity Act, which FLEOA was involved in the drafting. The bill will amend the definition to ensure that our uniformed Officers will be placed under the LE retirement system, including VA Police Officers and Postal Police Officers. It will also include any Officer engaged in the investigation or apprehension of suspects, and authorized to carry a firearm;

FECA Reform: We are taking proactive steps to ensure the pay and benefits of FLEO's on disability are not reduced. We will also continue to work on a legislative proposal that would effectively carve out FLEO's from the current OWCP and provide a separate department that handles FLEOA injury/issues. Additionally, we will work with the oversight committee on legislative efforts to coordinate DOL-OIG and SSA-OIG efforts to improve investigative efforts to investigate OWCP fraud;

We will be supporting the Wildlife Trafficking Enforcement Act and continuing to advocate for its inclusion as an SUA (Specified Unlawful Activity) as a predicate for a money laundering charge;

We will continue to oppose short-sighted legislation that seeks to impede our ability to obtain information from third party record keepers, including telecommunication data and cyber information. We will also oppose any legislation that seeks to let peddlers of death, a/k/a drug traffickers, out of prison early, or reduce the minimum level of recommended incarceration. Furthermore, we will support Synthetic Abuse and Labeling of Toxic Substances Act of 2015’’ or the ‘‘SALTS Act’."

Agency Legislative Priorities

Legislation to allow federal Probation and Pretrial Service Officers third party arrest authority. This legislation would allow probation and Pretrial service officers the ability to arrest third parties who attempt to physically obstruct the execution of a search or cause them physical harm during their office or field duties. 

FLEOA will be working with staff from the oversight committees to introduce legislation that would reposition IRS-CID under main Treasury, with direct reporting line to the Treasurer;

FLEOA will be working with the DHS authorization committees to have the FAMS repositioned under a different component within DHS. TSA has been a problematic house for the FAMS to exist under, impacting their funding, operations and reputation;
We will support efforts to amend LEOSA to protect Retired Members right to carry firearms with the same magazine capacity as what they carried during active duty.
We will generally remain engaged to support proper funding levels for all federal law enforcement agencies.

Please direct any questions, concerns or recommendations on legislative issues to Legislative Vice President Dominick Stokes at‎.