Reintroduction of the Pay Reform Act

October 28, 2011

Representative Peter King
339 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-7896
Fax: 202-226-2279

Representative King,

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) applauds your continued efforts to amend the Federal Law Enforcement Pay Reform Act.

As the largest federal non-partisan, fraternal association that represents federal law enforcement officers from 65 federal agencies, FLEOA is in the unique position to verify the economic hardships placed on our membership that live in all of the high cost of living areas in our country.

These areas include the New York City Metropolitan Area, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Miami, all of which are among the costliest areas to live in our nation.

In a November 2010, the Federal Salary Council submitted a report to the President’s Pay Agent.  The report reiterated support for reforms to the federal pay system and said, "We have serious concerns about a process that requires a single percentage adjustment in the pay of all white-collar civilian federal employees in each locality pay area without regard to the differing labor markets for major occupational groups."

Your proposed legislation to amend the Federal Law Enforcement Pay Reform Act has been introduced by you in both the 110th Congress as HR 4901 and the 111th Congress as HR 2613, reinforcing your commitment to the men and women that consistently work to keep America safe.

FLEOA and its members feel that this reform is long overdo for a pay system that was never been properly implemented by our government. Presently, it is out of step with the current cost of living in many of these areas and lacking the lawfully stipulated cost of living adjustments, presents an economic hardship for those federal law enforcement officers in those areas.

FLEOA appreciates your leadership with this and other issues of importance to federal law enforcement and looks forward to continuing to work with you on all issues involving our members work and their mission of protecting the American people.


Jon Adler
FLEOA National President