FECA Reform Amendment S.2034

Dear Senator:

I am writing on behalf of the more than 26,000 members of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association to advise you of our strong support for S. Amdt. 2034 to S. 1789, the "21st Century Postal Service Act,” offered by Senator Akaka.As you know, included in Title III of the legislation are provisions to enact governmentwide reforms of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA).

While FLEOA does not disagree with the need to reform both the U.S. Postal Service or FECA, we hardly believe it is appropriate to attempt both in the same legislative vehicle. More importantly, we have serious concerns about the impact that the reforms in Title III will have on injured law enforcement officers currently in the FECA system. In particular, the retroactive application of benefit cuts for law enforcement officers upon reaching retirement age and the elimination of the FECA supplement for dependents.

Amendment #2034 is a sensible compromise that will make commonsense changes to the FECA program without reducing benefits for those who have sacrificed their health in service of this nation. It would replace the current language of Title III with the text of H.R. 2465, the "Federal Workers' Compensation Modernization and Improvement Act,” which passed the House of Representatives last November by a unanimous voice vote. Specifically, Amendment #2034 will ensure injuries or illnesses sustained as the result of terrorism are covered as a war-risk hazard, streamline the claims process for workers who sustain a traumatic injury in a designated zone of armed conflict, expand the Labor Department’s (DOL) ability to collect from third parties and combat fraud, and promote greater accountability in the program. And that is why FLEOA respectfully requests your support for this important amendment.

On behalf of the membership of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, thank you for your attention to our concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or our Washington Representative Chris Granberg at 202-457-7755, if we can provide you with any additional information or assistance.


Jon Adler

National President