New 988 National Helpline

From the FLEOA

Office of Mental Health and Peer Support Services


The National 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

988 is the three-digit, nationwide phone number to connect directly to the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. By calling or texting 988, you’ll connect with mental health professionals with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Veterans can press "1” after dialing 988 to connect directly to the Veterans Crisis Lifeline which serves our nation’s Veterans, service members, National Guard and Reserve members, and those who support them. For texts, Veterans should continue to text the Veterans Crisis Lifeline short code: 838255.

Now more than ever we must smash the stigma of asking for help and be willing to reach out. The shame has been removed and you are safe. It is ok to not be ok, especially with these significantly tumultuous times we face daily.  Knowing someone is on the other end, should remind you that you are not alone in your feelings and emotions. 


Too many law enforcement officers experience suicidal crisis or mental health-related distress without the support and care they need. There is hope. The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a national network of more than 200 crisis centers that helps thousands of people overcome crisis situations every day. Although this is not law enforcement specific, it IS human specific, and you are human before anything else.


The 988 Lifeline provides 24/7, confidential support to people in suicidal crisis or mental health-related distress. By calling or texting 988, you’ll connect to mental health professionals with the Lifeline network.


Remember, You Are Not Alone!

Feel free to reach out to whichever FLEOA Chaplain you feel comfortable with. They are here for you.
National Protestant Chaplain
Rev. David S. Lothrop
Tel: (845) 358-6421
National Jewish Chaplain
Rabbi Niles Goldstein
Cell phone: (917) 670-8214
National Catholic Chaplain
Father Joseph D'Angelo
Tel: (516) 672-3944


Additionally, the Treatment Placement Specialist/Acadia Health are available for you and your family. Bill Mazur and Joe Collins, both retired LEO’s, will talk/text/email with you and get you connected to a provider who is vetted and who is familiar with the LEO culture.

The following resources are also here for you - Peer Support/No shame-No Judgement:

  • Text "HOME” or "BLUE” to 741741 to connect with a counselor

  • Call COPLINE 1-800-267-5463 (1-800-COPLINE) Calls will be answered by a Retired Active Peer Listener - All calls are strictly 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Call blue line support 855-964-2583

  • Call the National Suicide hotline 800-273-TALK (8255)

  • The National Disaster Distress Helpline is available to anyone experiencing emotional distress related to COVID-19 - call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 to speak to a caring counselor.

I can be reached at

Please use these resources, sometimes a mere connection will pull you out of a funk.


Dr. Jean Kanokogi, PhD
Director of Mental Health & Peer Support Services
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
202-695-4345 cell