FLEOA Supports HELPER Act - 10/12/2021

October 12, 2021


Honorable John H. Rutherford

U.S. House of Representatives 

Washington, D.C. 20515

Honorable Al Lawson

House Judiciary Committee

Washington, D.C. 20515

Honorable Bonnie Watson Coleman

U.S. House of Representative

Washington D.C. 20515


Honorable John Katko

U.S. House of Representative

Washington D.C., 20515

Dear Congressman Rutherford, Lawson, Watson Coleman and Katko,


We write to you today to express our strong support for H.R. 3172, the "Homes for Every Local Protector, Educator, and Responder (HELPER) Act.

With the historic increases in housing prices in many areas, placing home ownership out of reach for those that serve their community, the HELPER Act would establish a new home loan program for first responders and educators. This program would be administered under the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and allow first responders and educators to be able to afford the purchase of a home.


This program, modeled after the VA Home Loan Program, would remove some of the financial obstacles when law enforcement officers, firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), paramedics, and pre-K-12 teachers are trying to buy a home. This bill and program would waive the large down payment for a new home via a one-time use home loan program under the FHA and eliminate the monthly mortgage insurance premium while requiring 3.6 percent upfront mortgage insurance to ensure the solvency of the program.

FLEOA looks forward to working with you to ensure first responders and others that work to support and protect our communities are able to achieve the American dream of home ownership at a time when that dream seems far out or reach for far too many. If we can be of any additional assistance, feel free to contact us at




Larry Cosme

National President

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association