FLEOA Endorses the Stop Vaccine Mandate Bill

September 30, 2021

The Honorable James Lankford

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senators Lankford:



We are writing to you on behalf of the more than 30,000 members of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association – the nation’s largest professional, nonprofit association representing federal law enforcement officers across 65 federal agencies – to offer our strong support for S. 2879, the Stop Vaccine Mandates Act.

We have repeatedly communicated to the Administration that while we support our members voluntarily receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, we do not support a vaccine mandate. We are concerned about members being forced and then penalized for being hesitant to receive one of the currently available vaccines due to previous health conditions, the vaccination development process, or deeply held personal or religious beliefs. We feel law enforcement should not be reprimanded for wanting to wait for the development of other effective COVID-19 vaccines and additional information on natural immunity, which has also not been studied enough. These concerns justify reasonable accommodations that the E.O. does not properly account for.


Instead of villainizing or penalizing those who risk their lives every day to protect American citizens, we support promoting the choice of vaccination through time, education, research and understanding. Over time, we believe this approach would ameliorate or address many of the concerns we have heard about the vaccines. President Biden’s Executive Orders, which mandate vaccination for federal employees and contractors, only serves to undercut the progress that was being made with voluntary vaccine efforts.

As you said, "No American should have to choose between their conscience, their health, and their job.” We feel the Executive Order 14043 requires just that. We have heard from thousands of members, many of whom are near retirement age, who fear having to quit or be fired due to this E.O. Our members are highly trained and handle some of our nation’s most sensitive national and homeland security issues, including guarding the vaccine distribution efforts, and deserve to be treated better.

This mandate also comes at a time when federal law enforcement officers are being mobilized to handle the continuing crisis at the Southwest border where we have seen over 200,000 illegal aliens enter our nation each month—many of whom are "caught and released” into the U.S. and given the option of receiving the vaccine. It is inexplicable that the same Administration that wants to force vaccines on its workforce is giving illegal aliens the option of being vaccinated or not.

On behalf of the membership of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, thank you again for your leadership on this important issue of medical choice. Please let us know if we can assist you in advancing this critical legislation.




Larry Cosme

National President