FLEOA Defends Border Patrol



September 28, 2021


Natalia Castro

FLEOA Defends Border Patrol, Calls for Comprehensive Border Strategy to Address Crisis at Southwest Border

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Larry Cosme, President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) – the nation’s largest non-partisan, not-for-profit professional association representing 30,000 federal law enforcement officers and agents across 65 federal agencies – issued the following statement regarding attacks on law enforcement serving at the Southwest border:

"FLEOA expresses our consistent and undying support for U.S. Border Patrol Agents and Officers working against the odds and against false accusations to maintain the safety and security of our borders. We are seeing a record number of illegal border crossings placing a significant strain on resources and personnel serving at the Southwest border. The Administration has presented no strategy to handle this surge. FLEOA has repeatedly called on the Administration to create and enforce a strategy that secures the border, supports border protection personnel, and keeps Americans safe. Instead, a lack of clear direction has created an extremely dangerous and unpredictable situation along our Southern border,” President Cosme said.
"The Administration repeatedly claims ‘the border is not open,’ yet the wave of individuals entering the country illegally and the lack of resources and personnel to respond to these entrances makes it clear the border is functionally open. Bad actors see this openness as an opportunity to enter the country illegally. The Administration must be honest about the crisis on the ground and give federal law enforcement officers deployed to our borders the tools to enforce the law,” Cosme explained.
Cosme continued, "As a nation, our top priority should be our safety and security. Unfortunately, this wave of illegal immigration leaves our nation less safe. Strategies like the Remain in Mexico policy gave our border patrol officers necessary time to identify criminals and terrorists and restrict their entry. The current catch and release approach makes it nearly impossible for border personnel to restrict the entry of dangerous individuals. Issues such as human trafficking and drug trafficking are very real at our border and cannot be taken lightly.”
"We call on the Administration to stop ducking their responsibility and secure the border now.  We also call on them to stop blaming the federal law enforcement officers at the border – who are over tasked, under resourced, and underappreciated. It is the lack of a coherent border strategy that has escalated the crisis at the border, not the border officers,” Cosme furthered. "The answer is simple; the Administration must reinstitute the border polices that work including the Remain in Mexico policy and denial of asylum or other claims without the supporting evidence. The safety of all Americans requires a return to rule of law at the border.”